5 unexpected items for your bugout bag

5 unexpected items for your bugout bag

Creating a bugout bag can come in handy in a SHTF scenario, where you need to get out of somewhere quickly. Often a bugout bag will be in a place you'll most likely have it with you. So if you go to work in a car, having the bag in the car is probably the best place. You will have it nearby at work, when parked at home and anywhere else you drive.

When assembling the bugout bag, use the following image as a guideline. Reference it back to your own environment and tailor the contents. If you live in a place that's warm all year round, taking winter gloves with you is pointless for example. Or if you live on the great plains with not a tree for miles, a hammock might not be the shelter for you. So for this list, I've thought of 5 items you should have in your bag, regardless of where you are, that are often forgotten on bugout bag lists.

items for bugout bag checklist

1. Baby Wipes

In a survival situation, these are pure gold. Drinking water might be hard to find, and you sure don't want to waste it on washing your behind. When hordes of zombies, bandits or gangs are roaming the landscape, sitting down calmly for a bath in a lake or river might not be the safest bet either. Especially in an urban environment, during the first stages of panic and disorder, taking a bath won't be an option. Having wipes around for basic body hygiene is going to be a lifesaver.

2. Copies of important documents

Okay so you've made it out of town alive. And contrary to most popular zombie movies out there, you've actually made it to a safe zone. Now who the hell are you? Unless we all get biometric identification and it's host of privacy invasive, hackable and nefarious uses associated with it. Having documents that show who you are, and what you're capable of, might be a ticket to a safe zone. In a survival scenario, those with preferable jobs like mechanic, medical professionals, military experience and farming might just get better treatment.

3. Socks and Boots

Socks might be on the list with an extra set of clothing, made for the environment you'll most likely end up in. But searching the web for items to have in your bugout bag, shoes aren't really on anyone's list. Since your bugout bag will be in a place where you most likely have it, like in your car. Do you wear hiking boots to work? When you go to the store quickly? When visiting loved ones over the holidays? Probably not, yet when bugging out, you will have to walk most likely. The boots take a lot of space, so a plastic bag attached to the bugout bag will do just fine.

4. Mirror

A little mirror is useful for so many things. From checking your private parts for parasites like ticks. To looking around corners, starting a fire or signaling for help. They don't cost much, come in handy variaties and are lightweight. I use one in a metal encasing to have it a bit sturdier than the plastic ones.

5. Nail clippers

Regardless of where you are in the world, your nails will keep growing, and they grow quickly. Cutting your socks apart in no time, causing pain and worst of all, getting snagged and ripping, causing wounds on your fingers that might get infected. Or at the very least, are a completely avoidable annoyance all together.

I hope this list is helpful when assembling your bugout bag. Please think your bag through carefully, tailor it to your environment and needs. Don't take useless items with you, since you'll most likely be walking.

Thanks for reading this guest post by Frank. If you would like to read more articles like this, please check out his website, Zombie Guide Magazine.


  • Frank

    Thanks Mario! Glad to have been helpful here.

  • Mario

    Good list, I’ve done lists for BOB’s myself but this is the first time I’ve seen Nail Clippers on the list. Great idea, I will now definitely be adding that to my own bag and any lists I make in the future. Thank you

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