About us

"Old Vegas Apparel" was founded in February 2020 to fill the market gap of apocalyptic, dark and fallout-inspired clothing with good value. All our products are made in the USA, with the help of the best pod vendors around, providing a fast and smooth experience and support when it really matters.
We started to change the online shopping industry for the customer's favor back in 2015, by getting free and exclusive discounts from brands to give to our followers for free on our Instagram account. By working in the industry closely with many brands and customers, we noticed that there is a need for "Apocalyptic" brands out there and the idea was born. In the next 4 years we gathered materials, studied the market and worked on our vision to make our dream possible.
At the moment we consider ourselves experts in the apocalyptic printed clothing scene. We print all our merch using the best materials in terms of quality and also the best in terms of price for the customer, never sacrificing costs for product quality. All our designs are exclusive, and are a result of years of hard work, collaborating with talented artists and web designers, and also perfecting our own design skills.
Our core philosophy is based on the turning point of the apocalypse. There is a new beginning for the world in the aftermath of it all, but also a history remembered through the past we reflect on. We look back to the world of the past, and also forward to the future that will be. The name is in past tense, as if the apocalypse has come and gone. However it also is a memory of what came before, an unforgettable memory of ambitious risk, glamour, and indulgence.
"Old Vegas Apparel" is focused on the reflections of the old world, which have come and gone but are still here and alive in memory. Our brand explores that vision with retro styles and artistic homage, applying ambitious and bold new ideas to accessories and clothing.